Ortho Clear Collection



Hu-Friedy’s Clear Collection consists of innovative instruments designed to accent, individualize and optimize the biomechanics of the “invisible” aligner experience with NO heat required.

What Doctors Are Saying

“I have tried some of the Hu-Friedy instruments you (Dr. Jay Bowman) said you had developed. Awesome! I was tired of trying to grind out elastic hooks and buttons. Great invention!”


Pictured: 678-800

Adds a reservoir at the gingival margin anywhere elastic hooks are required within the arch, holding the elastics in place as the aligner is seated, permitting easier manipulation of elastics by the patient.


Pictured: 678-801

Emphasizes over-correction of rotations by producing an indentation at the mesial or distal line angles on the facial and/or lingual of a specific tooth. As an option, a rotational couple can also be created using vertical indents on facial and lingual surfaces on opposing sides of a tooth. The Vertical can also be used to produce an indent to produce a mild “nudge” to enhance resolution of in-and-out discrepancies.


Pictured: 678-802

The Horizontal: produces an indentation to accent individual root torque. It also enhances retention of either clear aligners or retainers by placing an indent into a tooth’s undercut or below a bonded attachment.


Pictured: 678-803

Creates half-moon cutouts for relief of clear aligners around bonded buttons used for elastics. It can also nip away plastic to provide soft tissue clearance to prevent aligner impingement of tissue.