ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio

ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio

Dr. Steven Koos


ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio is the nation’s first green oral surgery practice to not only construct their facilities from the ground up as sustainable, LEED-certified green projects but to also comprehensively practice green healthcare. ORA® promotes eco-friendly dentistry® while aiming to always recycle, repurpose and reuse. With offices in Chicago’s South Loop and Uptown/Andersonville neighborhoods, ORA® is led by Dr. Steven Koos who has treated thousands of patients in the Chicagoland area. This truly unique oral surgery practice provides a relaxed, stylish, and comfortable setting. Patients are treated for procedures ranging from tooth extraction and replacement to the treatment of facial trauma and reconstruction.


Dr. Koos values organization and is always looking for new ways of improving efficiency. Since ORA® specializes in various different surgeries, it’s important to have setups ready for each unique procedure. Organizing the correct instruments can get quite complicated and time-consuming.

With Hu-Friedy’s Instrument Management System (IMS), Dr. Koos has been able to pursue his goal of organization and efficiency like never before. Hu-Friedy’s cassettes are versatile and customizable to simplify Dr. Koos’ complex procedures and preparations. They also provide an efficient way of cleaning and sterilizing, helping the staff perform optimally.

“My surgical team has really embraced the Hu-Friedy IMS Cassette System because it's enabled them to combine the cleaning and sterilization, and organization and storage, of a vast array of instruments into one integrated package and it works well,” said Dr. Koos.

Implementing cassettes has helped Dr. Koos grow his practice’s business. It’s been easier for him to hire and train new team members and open new locations, without affecting the quality of care provided to patients.

“As clinicians, we're always concerned about the consistency and delivery of care, continuity of delivery care, improving the efficiency of delivery care,” said Dr. Koos “The Hu-Friedy IMS System really allows you to achieve that.”


Dr. Koos and his team at ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio aim to enhance oral health, at maximum efficiency, while supporting and eco-friendly environment. Hu-Friedy’s IMS has abled Dr. Koos’ practice to extend their eco-friendly philosophy down to the preservation and long use of the instruments.

“Since I've implemented the Hu-Friedy IMS Cassette System in my practice I have really felt that there's been a significant increase in efficiency, less wastefulness, and a much better clinical flow,” said Dr. Koos. “From a business perspective, when you're increasing efficiency, when you're increasing patient flow and you're decreasing waste you're actually increasing your bottom line.”

There's been a significant increase in efficiency, less wastefulness, and a much better clinical flow.