Infection Prevention Products


About Infection Prevention Products

Your trusted instrument manufacturer is also your trusted source for all products related to processing those instruments through the cleaning and sterilization steps. Everything you need for creating an efficient and safe reprocessing protocol is right here. Instrument processing is a key part of any office infection control program and must be performed properly to help ensure patient safety. Our full line of cleaning and sterilization products optimize staff and patient safety while maximizing office efficiency.

Beyond instrument processing, our hand hygiene and dental unit waterline cleaner provide you will high quality, effective products for other key areas in your office.

Explore below all the products and tools Hu-Friedy has to offer.

Cleaning & Care Products

Hu-Friedy offers a full line of cleaning and care products that include everything you need to ensure a safer and smarter practice. Our infection prevention products provide superior levels of instrument cleaning, extended life for instruments and protection for both patients and staff by offering a higher standard of clean for dental offices.

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Sterilization Products

Hu-Friedy products are developed around current CDC guidelines in order to provide enhanced safety within the dental office for patients and staff. Implement sterilization procedures within your practice using Hu-Friedy’s biological monitoring system, indicator strips, cassette wrap, self-sealing sterilization pouches and more.

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Dental Waterline Cleaning Products

Simply maintaining waterlines is not enough; it’s a two part process of cleaning and maintenance. Hu-Friedy’s all-in-one Team Vista Dental Unit Waterline Cleaner offers a more effective and economical way to keep waterlines safer and cleaner.

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Hand Hygiene Products

Hu-Friedy offers a complete line of medical grade hand moisturizers, sanitizers and soaps designed for frequent use to help with program compliance. All of Hu-Friedy’s hand hygiene products are non-irritating, cost effective and are tested to be Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) and latex glove compatible.

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Instrument Management System Products

Hu-Friedy’s Instrument Management System (IMS) is designed to keep your instruments organized and intact from cleaning to chairside, saving you 5 to 10 minutes per procedure. Allowing you to practice more: Chairside Efficiency, Cost-Savings, Revenue Generating Activities, Organization & Productivity and Safety Protocols.

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