Time for First-Half Business Reviews: What Has Your Practice Achieved?

| 08-30-2018
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Use advice from 15 experts to stay on track

practice efficiency playbook
Can you believe we’re now closer to the end of 2018 than the beginning? If you set goals for your dental practice back when there was still snow on the ground, ideally, you should be well on your way to hitting your numbers as you power through the second half of the year.

What were those goals? Did you want to acquire new patients? Were you hoping to increase your case-acceptance rate? Did you set a target for profitability?

Or did the goals that once seemed so promising recede to the background, thanks to the day-to-day grind of running a dental practice?

The midpoint of the year is a perfect time to pause and take stock of everything you’ve achieved – and everything you still hope to achieve. And we’ve got good news: There’s still plenty of time to make even small changes that can yield huge results.

Performing at your best means constantly leveraging new information and innovative ideas to take your practice to the next level. That’s where Hu-Friedy comes in. In our newest resource, the “Practice Efficiency Playbook,” we’ve grilled 15 of the nation’s top dentists, hygienists, office managers, and consultants for practical advice you can use right now to gain more patients, keep your current patients coming back, and optimize your office workflows. Each section of the playbook concludes with a step-by-step action plan to help you stay on track toward nailing your business goals this year.

The Four Questions We Asked Each Expert

Although successful dental practices come in all shapes and sizes, every profitable practice must figure out how to improve the patient experience, increase productivity and efficiency, leverage technology appropriately, and maximize the abilities of their dental teams.

This gave us the foundation for the four questions we discussed with each of our experts.

practice efficiency playbookQuestion 1. As you strive to create a great patient experience, is it important for patients to be informed about your practice’s approach to sterilization, infection control, and CDC compliance?

We also asked the experts if there is value in positioning a practice as safe and contemporary regarding patient care and what efficiencies can be gained by improving the way a practice handles and reprocesses instruments.

Question 2. What is the single most underappreciated action a practice can take to improve productivity and efficiency?

As you can imagine, this question resulted in a wealth of actionable tips.

Question 3. In dentistry, the concept of achieving simplicity via technology is powerful. What technology-driven solutions and approaches represent a better way of doing things?

We also asked why many practices fail to pursue these solutions.

Question 4. What do you wish dentists better understood about their dental teams?

Many of the experts suggested that when dentists and their teams can communicate better and share common goals, this drives enhanced productivity and efficiency across the business.

The Answers Might Surprise You

Compiling the “Practice Efficiency Playbook” was an eye-opening experience for us, and we think it will be an illuminating read for you and your team.

Perhaps what surprised us the most was that technology, as transformative as it can be, is not always the key to success. Instead, teamwork may be the most critical element of a high-performing practice.

What was no surprise but thrilled us nonetheless was the generosity of these 15 leading professionals who honored us by taking the time to give thoughtful answers to our questions. We’ve always known that the dental industry is a tight-knit community of colleagues who are deeply interested in the success of others – but it’s gratifying to see it in action. This all leads back to better oral and overall health, which is why we’re all in this business in the first place.

It’s Not Too Late to Accomplish Your 2018 Business Goals

The year may be more than half over, but as the experts who contributed to the “Practice Efficiency Playbook” make clear, you can make big changes and achieve great results in just a few months. Are you ready to get started? Click here for your free copy.