Defining a Hu-Friedy Master

| 11-07-2018
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Take a look at the incredibly talented men and women who ensure that your tools keep you performing at your best.

meet the masters artisan instrument manufacturersAn artist, performer or player of consummate skill, that is the definition of a “master” according to Merriam-Webster. That might suffice for some, but here at Hu-Friedy our Masters are redefining the term. We offer a vast array of dental instruments, but have you ever wondered who is behind producing these instruments? Maintaining that precision? Ensuring that every single instrument shipped out is absolutely perfect? Behind all these instruments that you use are dedicated and incredibly talented men and women who possess the minds and the unique touch that ensure you have the perfect instruments that keep you performing at your best. 

At the end of the day, the patient is the priority. The patient not only expects a high level of attention and care, they need it. Our team of master artisans manufacture and assemble Hu-Friedy instruments knowing that they will be used with the utmost care on patients all around the world, so in turn, they apply the same care to the instruments they work on every day here at Hu-Friedy. Assembling cassettes like Antjuan Patterson or lasering like Sulema Duarte are just a couple everyday tasks for our team at Hu-Friedy that require that magical touch. Sharpening scalers, shaping working ends or instrument finishing are all different skills that take supremely talented individuals who have the ability to learn and yet also the ability to constantly improve. However, being an expert at their craft is just one aspect of what makes our team of Masters special.

We are a global brand, so it is only fitting that our team of artisans bring countless backgrounds to the table to support a worldwide reach like Hu-Friedy has. Our team of artisans come from all different parts of the world such as Lucia Rivera from Mexico City or Zofia Kulpa who was born in Poland. Dental care is a universal language transcending any one language, culture or background. Coming from various regions of the world makes perfecting Hu-Friedy instruments that much more of a priority to our team of Masters knowing exactly where they themselves have been and where the instruments they work on are going after they depart our manufacturing facility.

artisan instrument manufacturersThere is experience, but then there is Hu-Friedy experience. Our Masters have built up their skills, and quite the reputation, over the years and when we say years, we mean decades. Once a member of our team begins their career at Hu-Friedy, they begin to feel at home immediately. When you find a job you not only excel at but with a company that values your skills and positive and hardworking attitude along with an ensemble of fellow peers that feels more like a family, you stay. A large number of our artisans have been a member of the team for decades such as Czeslawa Madon, a 34-year Hu-Friedy veteran or Luis Araque who has been a member of the Hu-Friedy family for the past 40 years. Some of our Masters have been perfecting their craft for so long they move onto other positions within Hu-Friedy to constantly feed that passion and desire to learn and expand their knowledge of more and more Hu-Friedy products.

We value knowing that our products are what help practitioners around the world perform at their best and our artisans' value knowing that their special touch is what helps make beautiful smiles around the world every single day. So, what defines a Hu-Friedy Master? Well, if the answers still aren’t clear, take a closer look at some of our amazing individuals and MEET THE MASTERS of Hu-Friedy.