Hu-Friedy | 05-18-2018
A Leading Expert Reflects on Improvements in Root Canal Treatment  

— Dr. Adham AzimGuest Author for Hu-Friedy

Root Canal Awareness Week had me thinking about how far the field of endodontics has…

Hu-Friedy | 05-10-2018
Get Back to Basics with These 3 Cleaning Tips for Dental Professionals  

If you didn’t realize World Hand Hygiene Day was May 5th, we’ll forgive you. And while it’s not exactly a major Hallmark occasion,…

Hu-Friedy | 05-01-2018
Are You Doing Enough to Keep Patients and Practitioners Safe?  

Infection control in dentistry has come a long way. Back in the 1970s, instruments were scrubbed with bare hands and a short-handled brush,…