Hu-Friedy | 05-23-2018
Does Your Office Follow the CDC’s Guidelines Correctly?  

Instruments must be properly taken care of if they are to function as they were intended, for as long as they were intended. A safe and efficient…

Hu-Friedy | 05-18-2018
A Leading Expert Reflects on Improvements in Root Canal Treatment  

— Dr. Adham AzimGuest Author for Hu-Friedy

Root Canal Awareness Week, which was last week (May 6-12), had me thinking about how…

Hu-Friedy | 05-10-2018
Get Back to Basics with These 3 Cleaning Tips for Dental Professionals  

If you didn’t realize World Hand Hygiene Day was May 5th, we’ll forgive you. And while it’s not exactly a major Hallmark occasion,…