IMS Essential Guide to Infection Control ebook - Part2a

Hu-Friedy IMS Essential Guide to Infection Control ebook - Part 2

Because protecting the health of your patients, ensuring the safety of your team and maintaining efficiency in your practice are not optional, you do whatever it takes.

Part 2 of The Essential Guide to Infection Control takes a deep dive into the critical topic of Instrument Reprocessing, including:

  • Guidelines and regulations
  • Best practices in instrument transportation, cleaning and sterilization
  • Industry standards in infection prevention
  • Reducing risk and liability
  • Operating at optimal efficiency

Would you like a refresher on Part 1: Getting Started as an Infection Control Coordinator? Download Part 1 Now!

*Doctors: The download of this eBook is subject to Sunshine Act reporting at a fair market value of $25/Part. To complete download, your NPI number will be required.

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