IMS Essential Guide To Infection Control - Part 2b

Essential Guide To Infection Control - Part 2

Because protecting the health of your patients, ensuring the safety of your team and maintaining efficiency in your practice are not optional, you do whatever it takes.

Whatever your role or level of experience with infection prevention, our two-part eBook series provides a practical guide that can be used to help every office.

Part 2 of The Essential Guide to Infection Control takes a deep dive into the critical topic of Instrument Reprocessing, including:

  • Guidelines and regulations
  • Best practices in instrument transportation, cleaning and sterilization
  • Industry standards in infection prevention
  • Reducing risk and liability
  • Operating at optimal efficiency

Didn’t get a chance to download Part 1 of The Essential Guide to Infection Control?

Part 1: Getting Started as an Infection Control Coordinator focuses on the importance of infection prevention and best practices of running a successful infection control program. Download Part 1 Now!

*Doctors: The download of this eBook is subject to Sunshine Act reporting at a fair market value of $25/Part. To complete download, your NPI number will be required.

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