Surgical Extractions for the General Dentist

This Course Will Equip You With the Answers to:

  • How do I loosen roots quickly?
  • How do I preserve the buccal plate?
  • What if the root structure chips away?
  • Where is it acceptable to remove bone?
  • What are the best instruments for extractions?
  • How do I suture efficiently and effectively?

This course and its content are curated by Dr. Karl Koerner, who has taught surgical extractions to general dentists for over 25 years. The Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction (KCSI) approach breaks the content into quickly accessible concepts that course participants can master and reliably replicate.

This one-day course is the lead-in to the four-part KCSI certification program, to equip general dentists to master office dental surgery, and to make it easier, more predictable and more profitable.

COURSE SPECIAL: All course participants will receive a free 3 mm straight Luxator.

Orlando, FL