Handle Styles


Swivel & Swivel Direct Flow

With a slight rolling motion of the fingertips, the handle and tip of a SWIVEL insert can rotate 360°, allowing for smooth and efficient power scaling. For precision, stability and control, hand scalers are grasped with a modified pen grasp near the working end. Using the same principles, holding the SWIVEL insert on the colorful grip area, near the shank, allows for easy rotation and adaptation to tooth surfaces, giving the ultimate in control and maneuverability.

Exclusive Swivel handle provides:

  • Easy tip adaptation to tooth surfaces
  • A greater range of scaling access before needing to readjust the fulcrum
  • Movement from buccal/lingual to interproximal surfaces without removing the tip from the pocket
  • Efficiency around intricate tooth surfaces
    • Line angles
    • Concavities/convexities
    • Furcations
  • Increased efficiency around small teeth, such as mandibular anterior teeth that can require frequent directional changes when scaling
  • Easy tip identification by color

Swivel's lightly textured, wide diameter silicone grip also provides a secure, comfortable grasp. The grip, 18% larger than standard inserts, allows for reduced finger pinching, less hand fatigue and increased tactile sensitivity.

Water delivery is available through the base (Swivel) or the tip (Swivel Direct flow) to the insert tip for enhanced visibility.

Streamline Direct Flow

A lightly textured, wide diameter resin handle designed to reduce finger pinching and enhance clinician comfort. Also provides easy tip identification by color.

Water delivery is through-tip for enhanced visibility.




The original lightly textured Streamline handle for those who prefer a slightly smaller diameter handle.

Water delivery is through the base.



Original Prophy

For the clinician who prefers the traditional inserts, this original ultrasonic insert design has a finely beveled external water tube and features a top-quality, all steel handle.