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Product Focus: Instrument Cassettes

continuous improvement technician Antjuan Patterson

11 years ago, Antjuan began working at Hu-Friedy as a CNC machine operator. He takes great pride in his craft as an Artisan at Hu-Friedy. An avid basketball and football player in his high school days, Antjuan approaches all tasks and challenges applying the same determination and discipline to his artistry as he did as a player. He tackles all challenges and goals with the same mentality of making tackles on the field. Reporting to the Senior Manager of Manufacturing, Antjuan loves coming to work seeing all his fellow Artisans whom he has formed a very close bond with. Antjuan loves working for a family-oriented business that has granted him the opportunity to absorb a vast amount of knowledge to the point where he just loves telling friends and family about his job. Whether it be detailing the parts or explaining the processes, Antjuan can talk about it all day since he is so devoted to his craft. His nieces are so impressed with his knowledge of dental instruments, they often wonder if he is actually a dentist. Antjuan always recognizes the instruments at his dentist’s office after acquiring the knowledge of Hu-Friedy’s various product lines.

Antjuan grew up on the west side of Chicago and is very grateful to be able to both live and work in the city. Describing himself as a loyal and down-to-earth guy, Antjuan enjoys staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle by lifting in the weight room. In addition to his love for playing basketball and football, Antjuan still likes to sit back and relax watching sports on TV. Family is very important to Antjuan having two children of his own, a daughter and a son, the latter of whom Antjuan is sure to never miss a game of his. Antjuan’s crowning achievement at Hu-Friedy has been winning The President’s Award. Hu-Friedy’s President’s Award is the highest honor a member of the Hu-Friedy team can earn. Voted on by fellow peers, the President’s Award recognizes the way one lives Hu-Friedy’s core values exemplifying leadership and flexibility while meeting and conquering all challenges along the way.