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Product Focus: Black Line Rubber Dam Clamps

senior tech lead orthodontics Zdzislawa Bieniek

Born and raised in Poland, Czeslawa Madon began working at Hu-Friedy as a general production employee shortly after traveling to the United States. Working at Hu-Friedy for over 34 years now, Czeslawa is obviously one of Hu-Friedy’s most devoted and experienced Artisans. Now a Senior Tech Lead of Orthodontic products reporting to the Senior Manager of Manufacturing, one of her favorite aspects of her job is seeing all her great coworkers whom she considers a second family. Hu-Friedy is a family-oriented business and it definitely shows through the bonds the Artisans have with one another. Czeslawa has been perfecting her craft since day one and not much has changed during those three plus decades as she still continues to look forward to coming to work every day loving what she does.

Already knowing Hu-Friedy instruments are the best quality by hand crafting cutting-edge instruments for more than three decades, Czeslawa knows a great wealth of knowledge when it comes to dental instruments. During her periodic trips to her local dentist’s office, it is now second nature for Czeslawa to take a look at what instruments her dentist uses whenever she goes in for a cleaning. Seeing Hu-Friedy instruments on the table always makes her smile knowing that her personal touch took a part in crafting them. She has two daughters and Czeslawa’s love for Hu-Friedy spreads throughout her family as both of her daughters grew up never missing a single Hu-Friedy company picnic. Outside of applying her Artisan skills at Hu-Friedy, Czeslawa likes to go shopping and spending time with her grandchildren. She is also an avid baker and loves cooking in the kitchen.