Meet the Masters




senior technical lead operative finishing Lucia Rivera

Getting adjusted to life in a different country can be difficult no matter where you are from. Hu-Friedy Artisan Lucia Rivera can attest to that. Originally from Mexico City, Lucia’s first job upon coming to the United States was a scaler finisher at Hu-Friedy. That was 27 years ago, and Lucia has maintained the same love for her craft ever since and her skills and attention to detail have earned her the title of Senior Tech Lead for Operative Finishing reporting to the Senior Manufacturing Manager. Hu-Friedy Artisans are incredibly self-motivated and determined when it comes to producing the quality instruments that Hu-Friedy has become synonymous with. Citing consistently meeting and exceeding production numbers and goals as her primary motivators, Lucia is always looking to improve and perfect her skills when it comes to her Artisan craft. After being a part of the Hu-Friedy family for nearly three decades, Lucia is impressed by Hu-Friedy’s global expansion and is proud to be one of the Artisans crafting instruments that are used around the world.

Lucia’s an invaluable member of the extensive team of Hu-Friedy Artisans. Lucia is very proud of winning Hu-Friedy’s President’s Award which is an award where an employee is nominated by his or her peers. The highest honor a member of the Hu-Friedy team can earn, The President’s Award is awarded to an employee who embodies leadership, flexibility and the ability to meet all challenges, all qualities that Lucia has displayed since joining the team. She values her fellow team members, the relationships she has with them, and especially the recognition and that she has earned through being a master of her craft. Outside of Hu-Friedy, Lucia has a developed a habit of recognizing her dentist’s instruments during her regular cleanings and loves seeing Hu-Friedy instruments being used, especially instruments that her hands took part in crafting. When Lucia isn’t applying her craft creating those instruments at Hu-Friedy, she enjoys cooking and taking care of her grandchildren.