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Product Focus: Dietschi CompoSculp ½ Composite Instrument

Meet the masters Luis Araque Photo

Being an Artisan means everything to Luis Araque, who has been with applying his skills at Hu-Friedy for 40 years. Hu-Friedy Artisans have that special touch to create the top-of-the-line instruments used around the world and Luis recognizes what a large responsibility that is. He doesn’t like to describe himself as picky, but every instrument he crafts needs to be absolutely perfect. If the instrument carries the Hu-Friedy name, it is Luis’ job to make sure that instrument is flawless. Working under the Senior Manager of Manufacturing, Luis began working at Hu-Friedy as an oral surgery instrument maker. To this day he loves and looks forward to the new the challenges, his job entails since it fuels him to continuously improve. Sharing the same ideals, Luis values Hu-Friedy’s dedication to quality while doing what is best for business and also most importantly what is best for the patients these uniquely crafted instruments are being used on. These instruments are used to treat patients and that is the real reason Luis cares so much about the quality and artistry that the world has come to expect from Hu-Friedy instruments.

Luis is of Saudi Arabian and Colombian decent and has been living in Chicago since 1978. Being a member of the Hu-Friedy family for the past 40 years has impacted Luis’ life more than most Artisans. Luis met his wife Halina, who also worked at Hu-Friedy, shortly after becoming an Artisan. Luis and his wife have been happily married for the past 35 years. After working alongside his wife for the past four decades, Hu-Friedy truly is a second home for Luis. When he isn’t applying his unique touch at Hu-Friedy, Luis enjoys soccer and has become quite the skilled ping pong and billiards player after playing with his fellow colleagues in the employee lounge.