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Product Focus: Slim Flush Cut & Hold Distal End Cutter

technical lead laser and capping Sulema Duarte

A Hu-Friedy Artisan for 12 years and counting, Sulema has been applying her craft since she began her career as an Artisan in lasering. Sulema reports to Hu-Friedy’s Senior Manager of Manufacturing who leadership and direction maintains a very productive and efficient work, yet at the same time, Sulema describes it as both supportive, comfortable and relaxing. Sulema always aims to meet and exceed expectations set by Hu-Friedy’s manufacturing management team. Through teamwork and working towards the same goals, Sulema has built a strong bond with her fellow Artisans. That is what Sulema enjoys the most about working at Hu-Friedy: her colleagues. The Artisans at Hu-Friedy all have a great respect and love for one another’s support and talent creating a team like no other. Sulema values her fellow Artisans that she gets to see every day as she describes her coworkers as “one big family” who are all extremely friendly and so easy to get along with and since Sulema is known to be very easy to get along with and easily talkative, she fits right in with her colleagues at Hu-Friedy.

Sulema takes great pride in knowing her skills are instrumental in making beautiful smiles all around the world. Sulema is a Chicago native and began working at Hu-Friedy right after high school. She is now married with a family. Sulema has two children and appreciates working for a family-oriented business at Hu-Friedy that really cares about the patients, especially children. When she isn’t crafting in the Laser/Capping department, she is doing typical Mom things which she personally enjoys. From taking her son to practice or teaching the ABC’s to the usual cooking and cleaning around the house, Sulema cherishes being a mother. In addition to constantly striving to improve her craft Hu-Friedy, Sulema is pursuing a college degree in business after learning about the manufacturing side of the business during her time as an Artisan.