The Implementation

Following the initial trial, PDS® expanded it to more locations to verify the findings, which generated identical results.

At this point, it was easy for the organization to see IMS delivered an impressive return on investment. There was the concrete data from the two trial offices, the positive feedback from staff, and the impact on the patient experience.

“The patients are always the first priority for anything that we do,” said the purchasing manager for PDS. “If it helps doctors build relationships with patients while also helping the leads at the same time, that’s a win-win for everyone.”

For PDS, there was also the added benefit of partnering with Hu-Friedy, an established leader in the industry committed to advancing dental performance.

“We always look for opportunities with the strategic partners we work with,” said the purchasing manager. “Working with Hu-Friedy regarding the cassettes was kind of a no-brainer due to the fact both our companies are synonymous with excellence.”

When the organization began implementing cassettes in more offices, Hu-Friedy played a pivotal role to ensure the strategy was well executed. The company worked with key stakeholders from PDS, training them on IMS and the proper use of cassettes.

This included details on how to configure a cassette, how to place into the ultrasonic and autoclave, and how to wrap to ensure effective sterilization.

As more offices switched to IMS, the positive response proved this was the right decision.

“Now that we’ve implemented these cassettes in approximately 100 offices, the feedback continues to be the same,” said the compliance manager. “They really love the cassettes. They love the efficiencies of the cassettes.”

we have all fallen in love with these cassettesthe efficiency of having cassettes raises the bar for our dental offices

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