Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning 2019

Spring Cleaning isn’t limited to just your home. This time of year gives dental practices a good excuse to spruce up a bit. Are your instruments sharp? Do you have the instruments you need? Have some of your instruments reached their end of life? Take a look at the resources below to steer you in the right direction for a much cleaner, more efficient and organized practice. Plus, enter to win our Spring Cleaning giveaway where you can win your own customized prophy set-up, a free membership to the EverCare Scaler Sharpening Service and more!

EverEdge 2.0®

Are the scalers you currently use the most advanced, sharpest, and longest-lasting on the market? If you’re not holding an EverEdge 2.0 scaler, the answer is no. EverEdge 2.0 scalers are scientifically measured to be over 60% sharper than the next closest competitor. The sharper your scalers are, the less force you need to apply. The less force you need to apply, the easier scaling becomes and the more comfortable it is for both the hygienist and patient.

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Spring Cleaning can be an overwhelming task. Whether at home or in the dental practice, it often feels like there's no time or you simply might not be up for the job. For many dental practitioners, instrument sharpening elicits the same feelings. Wouldn’t you love to cross sharpening off the long to-do list of Spring Cleaning tasks?

The EverCare Scaler Sharpening Service takes the task of sharpening out of the hands of the hygienist with a variety of flexible membership options. The subscription-based service provides professional scaler sharpening, a timely turnaround, free shipping, and other exclusive membership benefits.

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Stay sharp this Spring by sharpening your practice’s scalers. Working with dull dental instruments can lead to inefficient procedures, decreased staff and patient satisfaction, and less productivity for your practice. With Hu-Friedy’s sharpening solutions, keeping your edge is easy. We offer a range of options including the automated Sidekick Sharpener, Diamond Sharpening Cards, and Professional Sharpening Services to keep your dental instruments sharp and high-functioning.

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Organizing can be a truly daunting task every Spring, but it is a necessary process to ensure efficiency. The Instrument Management System keeps your instruments organized and protected in cassettes. This allows clinicians to move instruments from chairside to cleaning to sterilization to storage without ever touching the instruments, improving safety and compliance while also increasing efficiency.

You might lose an hour every Spring as you turn your clocks forward, but with an Instrument Management System, you will start saving 5-10 minutes per procedure. Take a deeper look at the several different cassette offerings.

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Spring Cleaning can be bittersweet, especially when discarding items that are unusable or no longer needed. When it comes to sprucing up your dental practice, what do you do with old instruments you rarely use or have simply reached their end of life? Don’t throw them away; recycle them with Environdent. By recycling your instruments, Hu-Friedy will send you brand new ones.

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Spring Cleaning isn’t just limited to your home. This time of year also gives dental practices a good excuse to spruce up a bit.
Are your instruments sharp? Do you have the instruments you need? Have some of your instruments reached the end of life?

We are giving away different grand prizes every week to help your office prepare for Spring Cleaning!
Win a new prophy set-up created BY YOU, a Silver ONE YEAR EverCare subscription and more!

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