6 Reasons to Join Our First-Ever Virtual Summit

Essential: The Best in Practice Virtual Summit Brings the Excitement of a Convention into the Comfort of Your Home

2020 was the year that gatherings and events went virtual, and – at least for the immediate foreseeable future – it looks like there’s more of the same this year. You are essential, and we’ve been continually looking for ways to adapt to this new reality to serve you.


Trying to Stay Ahead of Changing Infection Prevention Guidelines?

How GreenLight Dental Compliance Center™ by Hu-Friedy Makes a Difference

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a sobering reminder that as dental healthcare professionals, we all play an important role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. While infection prevention has long been a cornerstone of clinical theory and practice, the ongoing pandemic has undoubtedly raised the profile on infection prevention policies among clinicians and patients alike. 


Q&A Part Two: Dr. Roger Levin on Adapting to Our Next Normal

Strategies and Advice for Navigating Changes to Your Practice

We asked Dr. Roger Levin of the Levin Group, dentistry's leading practice management and marketing consulting firm, to join our blog as a guest author for a two-part question-and-answer series exploring the realities of practice management in the COVID-19 world. Check out Part Two below for Roger’s advice for navigating changes to the dental team and proactively communicating with patients.


Infection Prevention – Is Your Practice Doing Enough?

Compliance Enters the Digital Age with the GreenLight Dental Compliance Center™ by Hu-Friedy

Ask any dentist about their infection prevention program, and they’re likely to express confidence that they’re fully compliant with all relevant regulations. But is that really the case? The slow drip of infection prevention breach stories making news around the country would suggest that compliance is more of an issue than some would like to admit.