Our 10,000 dental instruments and product solutions are sold in over 100 countries, and we have over 900 employees representing and growing our brand around the world. Headquartered in Chicago, we have offices and distribution centers in Italy, Germany, China, and Japan, and a sales force spread over 30 different countries.

Hu-Friedy’s mission is the same today as it has always been – to help dental professionals perform at their best. In order to do that, we have to be at our best, too, because better dentistry starts with us - and we take that responsibility very seriously.


401k Statements, IKEA, & Dental Infection Control: The importance of human content for a human audience

Have you reviewed your 401K performance this year? Have you taken the time to go through all of your credit cards to see which ones have the highest interest rate and should be eliminated? Have you sworn off ever shopping at IKEA because you dread the process of clearing your head so you can fully immerse yourself in the instructions for how to put that 19-piece bench together? Just reading those statements probably made your palms start to sweat a bit, right?


Purple Reign

Celebrating the powerful impact of the dental hygienist!

It's National Dental Hygiene Month in the United States. Each year, October marks the start of autumn weather, the return of sweaters, and awareness of oral health and the dental hygiene career. Every day, dental hygienists work tirelessly on behalf of patients.


Getting A Dirty Job Done. The Easy Way!

Quick tips to make your instrument processing thorough and safe

If you've ever watched the reality television show Dirty Jobs, you've probably concluded that dirty jobs are fun to watch or learn about, but not to do. However, these so-called "dirty jobs" play vital roles in society, keeping a world on the move going. When you think about it, especially on a microscopic level, instrument reprocessing is a dirty job, too, with countless microbes and organic debris being removed from the surfaces of instruments.


Labor Day Road Trips, Periodontal Probing, and the Importance of Knowing the Way

Back to school sales are everywhere, football is gearing up, and nights are a little bit cooler – sure signs that summer is winding down. As we wrap up beach and barbeque season, nearly 40 million Americans are planning their Labor Day weekend getaways. They are planning their drives, reviewing routes online, and looking up traffic and weather. Road trippers do this because while the aim is the vacation destination, it would be silly – chaotic, even – to set off on their adventure without some planning and exploring what lies ahead.


The Top 5 Reasons Dental Practices Don’t Own a Cassette-Based Instrument Management System

Dental professionals have a lot on their plates these days. There is a tremendous amount to think about, such as practice profitability, technology investments, team efficiency, new patient acquisition and continuing education — just to name a few. With all of this to balance, it can be difficult to take a step back and look at specific processes that happen every day to determine if there are better, faster and safer ways to do things.