Black Line Implantology

Black Line Implantology


Sinus Lift Instruments

Pictured: SINC2X – Sinus Curette 2

Sinus Lift Instruments are used to elevate the Schneiderian membrane during lateral sinus lift procedures. The dulled edges reduce risk for perforating the membrane during sinus elevation.

  • Smooth, black coating reduces drag when elevating the Schneiderian membrane
  • Variety of size, working-end and angulations for optimal access for separation and reflection of the Scheiderian membrane

Bone Graft Condensers/Pluggers

Pictured: PLGGR1X – Grisdale Bone Condenser

Bone Graft Pluggers are used to condense bone grafting material into the surgical site. The Black Line coating allows for smoother bone graft placement.

  • Non-stick coating aids in the handling of bone graft materials when condensing into the surgical site
  • Uniquely designed with Hu-Friedy Key Opinion Leaders for condensing bone graft into the socket and around implants

Membrane Placement

Pictured: PMPIX – Membrane Placement Instrument

Membrane Placement Instruments are used to place membranes for guided tissue and bone regeneration. The Black Line non-stick coating is an ideal solution for handling membrane materials.

  • Micropoint tip for precise placement and manipulation of membranes
  • Smooth coating reduces sticking of membrane and improves handling during placement