| 08-03-2018
increase your practice efficiency

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Patients are raising the stakes for dental professionals everywhere. Why? Because they have unprecedented access to advice, understanding, and options thanks to technology. So, we have a question for you. What is your practice doing to meet those expectations? Your practice is a business and like all businesses you have a constant desire to become better, work faster and become more profitable. Finding the perfect balance between meeting customer expectations and meeting expectations you set for yourself boils down to one word: efficiency.


As patients have more access to technology, so do dental professionals and it has completely changed dentistry as we know it. Procedures today are more comfortable and less invasive. Practices can offer patients online appointment scheduling, text reminders, shorter appointments, and same-day solutions. They can instantly share patient info with their colleagues, send files to the lab, and increase case acceptance by visually showing patients areas of diagnosis when they present suggested treatment options.


However, you must move past the misleading concept that technology can solve all. While digital transformation is an important component, technology upgrades can’t grow your practice on its own. Successful practices know that technology is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. Staff and patient engagement, streamlined processes, marketing your practice, acquiring new customers and instrument management in addition to utilizing new technologies all need to be seamlessly pieced together to achieve success. When operating efficiently, the result of this combination can not only meet the expectations of your patients and the expectations you have of your practice but exceed those expectations.

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To help you do that, Hu-Friedy spoke to 15 industry experts. They shared the moves you need to make to get ahead of the curve in today’s increasingly competitive landscape. From patient care to sterilization and instrument reprocessing, their expertise and knowledge revealed there’s more than one way to increase dental practice efficiency, adding business excellence to your existing clinical expertise.


Their insights include tips and best practices for:

  • Higher employee engagement.
  • Stronger patient loyalty.
  • Streamlined business processes.
  • Better sterilization and instrument reprocessing.

In our new eBook, “Practice Efficiency Playbook,” featuring a special foreword by Hu-Friedy Chief Marketing Officer, Patrick Bernardi, you can reference the insightful advice that was offered no matter where you are on your path to greater practice efficiency.


Meet the Experts

Our panel of experts highlight the unique perspectives of the industry’s leading dentists, hygienists, office managers, and consultants, including:

Erin Doffoney RDH, BAS

Founder, Techs for Teeth

As the founder of Techs for Teeth, Erin Doffoney has more than 15 years of experience in practice development.

Sandy Pardue

Director of Consulting, Classic Practice Resources

Named a “Leader in Dental CE and Consulting” for the past 11 years by Dentistry Today, Sandy Pardue has built her career around training dental professionals on successful practice management protocols.

Amy Morgan

CEO, Pride Institute

Amy Morgan has been serving the dental community since 1993, revitalizing dental practices so they can become more secure, efficient, profitable and happy.

Tija Hunter

CDA, EFDA, CDIA, CDSA, MDAA Office Manager, Boardwalk Family Dental

As a speaker and educator, there is nothing Tija Hunter loves more than helping fellow dental assistants realize their potential.

Roger Levin DDS

Chairman & CEO, Levin Group As the founder and CEO of Levin Group

Roger Levin has devoted his career to improving the lives of dentists through innovation, integrity and exceeding patient expectations.

Bernie Stoltz

CEO, Fortune Management

A dynamic speaker and acclaimed coach with more than 30 years of business leadership, Bernie Stoltz focuses on helping doctors and dentists maneuver the business side of owning a practice.

Kevin Henry

Co-Founder, IgniteDA

A self-proclaimed advocate of today’s dental assistant, Kevin Henry speaks on topics that empower the dental assistant so he or she can realize the powerful role they play in the success of a dental practice.

Terri Lenihan

CDPMA, FAADOM, RDA Practice Administrator, Midwest Endodontics, LLC

Terri Lenihan has 25 years of experience as a practice administrator working in the health and wellness industry...

Carrie Webber

Chief Communications Officer & Owner, Jameson Management

As chief communications officer and owner of The Jameson Group, Carrie uses her own business mastery to help dentists and their teams become more productive, profitable and fulfilled in their careers.

Naem DDS
Dentist/Owner, Garfield Ridge Dentistry

Izzy Naem owns Floss and Company, a premier practice that provides excellent, affordable health care where each member of his staff places a strong emphasis on building patient relationships to deliver the utmost comfort and results they can’t help but show off.

Debbie Seidel-Bittke RDH, BS

CEO & Founder, Dental Practice Solutions

Debbie Seidel-Bittke has been consulting for dental practices globally for 18 years. She works with the dental hygiene department to create profitable, preventive patient-centered dental practices.

Dr. Edward Lin, DDS, MS

Doctor, Orthodontic Specialists of Green Bay

Edward Lin is an innovative leader in orthodontic technology and patient-centered care with more than 18 years of experience.

Fred Joyal

President, Futuredontics, Inc.

A renowned speaker on dental practice marketing, Fred Joyal speaks about building patient loyalty and increasing production in the hopes of one-day getting patients everywhere excited about their next trip to the dentist.

David Rice DDS

Founder & Chief Igniter, Ignite DDS

Founder of igniteDDS, an online community providing access to videos, blogs, and other educational resources, David Rice continues to maintain his private practice even as he inspires dentists to live out their dreams online and at physical speaking events.

Steven Koos DDS, MD
Surgeon/Owner, ORA Oral Surgery & Implant Studio

Steven Koos specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery, priding himself on empowering his patients with a thorough understanding of treatment options and compassionate care.


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