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technician finisher zofie kulpa

Shortly after making her way to the United States, Poland-born Zofia Kulpa began working at Hu-Friedy as an Artisan in 1981. After learning about the opportunity from her neighbor who was also employed at Hu-Friedy at the time, Zofia decided to give it a try. After 37 years of handcrafting Hu-Friedy instruments, Zofia has never looked back. Zofia was quite nervous upon joining the Hu-Friedy family, but her skills quickly shined, and crafting instruments became easier and easier for her discovering a love for her artistry that she still has today. Reporting to the Senior Manufacturing Manager, Zofia began buffing diagnostic instruments and currently she is a Technician Finisher. After working for nearly four decades at Hu-Friedy, Zofia cherishes all the knowledge she has gained in the manufacturing industry and loves when Hu-Friedy introduces new products since she can learn even more about the new instruments. Along with the knowledge, she’s gained, Zofia’s favorite aspect of being a Hu-Friedy Artisan is being part of the Hu-Friedy family. She has seen most of her same colleagues every day for the past several decades. The right people are performing jobs they love doing and Hu-Friedy values and accommodates the Artisans, that is a winning combination for Hu-Friedy’s consistent success. During her regular teeth cleaning, Zofia often sees Hu-Friedy instruments at her local dentist office both new and some old, the older instruments, of course, displaying Hu-Friedy’s signature quality and endurance.

Zofia was married two weeks after coming to America from her native Poland. After having two daughters and now three grandchildren, Zofia knows the value of a good education and now more than ever, good dental hygiene when it comes to children and young adults. Knowing Hu-Friedy’s ever-growing reach into dental schools across the world, Zofia loves being the hands that are crafting the tools used by up-and-coming practitioners and hygienists who are in the midst of their education. She recalls more and more dental students taking factory tours during her shift and sees that as a great sign of success for Hu-Friedy. Outside of Hu-Friedy, Zofia is a passionate gardener. She tends to her personal garden in the city but also has access to her eldest daughter’s much larger garden which she enjoys taking care of as well. Zofia brings her same artistic touch to her gardens as she does on the job at Hu-Friedy.