Hu-Friedy Products

The Best In Practice

Hu-Friedy listens to you—the dental practitioner—and creates products that are easier to use, more efficient, and put less stress on you and your patients so that you can provide the best clinical care. Through this product philosophy, we have made quality our trademark and we seek to earn that distinction, again and again, every day we go to work.

The high level of craftsmanship that goes into each step of the creation of our dental instruments is evident every time you use them. Our staff completes 80% of the manufacturing process by hand—they meticulously mold, treat, and sharpen instruments to perfection, which is why we call them artisans. Our proprietary processes and best-in-class materials match their precision and the three work together flawlessly.

When you use a Hu-Friedy dental instrument, you might not know all of the steps that go into creating each one … but you’ll certainly feel it.

*Some of the devices advertised may not be licensed for sale in accordance with Canadian Law.


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