Hu-Friedy Sterilization Products

IMS® Cassette Wrap


IMS Cassette Wrap is engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of sterilization. Our unique compilation of textiles is designed to be strong and soft for easy wrapping and durability. This low-lint, memory free wrap is available in two grades to meet your needs.

Available Products:

IMS® Tape


IMS Monitor Tape helps visually differentiates processed from non-processed wrapped cassettes. Tape can be written on or we have preprinted tape available in a number of procedures and colors. For a full list of available tape products click on the below links:

IMS Tape Dispensers:

Bagette® Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches


Bagette® Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches are constructed with durable materials and thick seals. Built-in external and internal quality control indicators relay accurate time and temperature verification, allowing you peace of mind. Four sizes have been specifically designed to optimally fit Hu-Friedy cassettes while four additional sizes are available for all other sterilization needs.

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Steam Sterilization Monitors


Steam Sterilization Indicators

Indicator strips verify that steam sterilization parameters of time and temperature have been met. Use one in each cassette or pouch sterilized and retain for office records.

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Steam Sterilization Integrators

Integrators are a Class 5 sterilization monitor designed to react to all critical variables in the sterilization cycle: time, temperature and presence of steam.

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SporeCheck 24 Hour In-Office Test® Biological Monitoring System


SporeCheck provides reliable results in 24 hours, while being in compliance with local, state and federal guidelines. The SporeCheck system can be used with all types of steam sterilizers – including gravity, pre-vacuum and flash sterilizers.

Available Products: