"Cutting-Edge” Technology: The Newest Way to Keep Instruments Sharp

Maintaining Your Instruments Just Got Easier with the
Hu-Friedy Sharpening Assistant.

It goes without saying that sharp instruments are better instruments. Any instrument – dental or otherwise – performs at its best when it’s in peak condition. Just like a great tennis player needs a well-strung racket or a great musician needs a well-tuned instrument, dental professionals need sharp scalers to provide the best experience for patients.

Ergonomics in the Dental Office ecervello@hu-f… Mon, 05/20/2019 - 18:59

How to Care for Patients While Also Caring for Yourself

Picture the most recent clinical procedure you performed. Are you leaning over the patient or is your back erect? Are you craning your head to get a better view or is your neck relatively straight? Are your hands twisted around or are your wrists level?

Sharp Tips for Maintaining Your Scalers ecervello@hu-f… Thu, 07/26/2018 - 19:16

Sharp Tips for Maintaining Your Scalers 

The worldwide pop culture phenomenon is back, and it’s taking another bite out of your calendar this week. That’s right, SHARK WEEK is making its annual appearance. You probably already know this if you’ve been seeing sharks all over your televisions. In 2016, we were inspired by Shark Week and discovered a unique dental connection to this tradition. What does a shark and dentistry have in common, you ask?

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Back to school sales are everywhere, football is gearing up, and nights are a little bit cooler – sure signs that summer is winding down. As we wrap up beach and barbeque season, nearly 40 million Americans are planning their Labor Day weekend getaways. They are planning their drives, reviewing routes online, and looking up traffic and weather. Road trippers do this because while the aim is the vacation destination, it would be silly – chaotic, even – to set off on their adventure without some planning and exploring what lies ahead.

Scalers vs. Sharks: Which Are More Misunderstood? Thu, 07/27/2017 - 17:18

Diving into a few myths around scalers and looking at how sharks can help surface some truths.