4 Reasons Not to Miss Hu-Friedy at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting

| 02-20-2018
Chicago Dental Society

The Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting is an amazing opportunity for dental professionals to gain insights and education from industry experts, learn about the latest and best dental products and services, and meet up with like-minded colleagues. The event, taking place from February 22-24, is jam-packed, with a wealth of information to digest in just three short days.

No matter how busy the schedule, a can’t-miss attraction during CMW is the Hu-Friedy booth. Here are four reasons why a visit with Hu-Friedy should be on everybody’s schedule:


Enjoy an All-New Experience in the Points of Performance Lounge

Hu-Friedy’s slogan is “How the best perform.” We invite the best performers – our customers – to our booth at CMW to get a feel for what that phrase really means to us, and to take a few minutes to escape the hustle and bustle by sitting in our Points of Performance Lounge. While there, you will be able to talk with a Hu-Friedy expert about the challenges your practice faces while learning about Hu-Friedy’s equally-unique solutions. Stop by the Points of Performance lounge to learn how Hu-Friedy can help you perform at your best, and take advantage of the special promotions available to those who discuss their practice’s needs in the Lounge.


Hu-Friedy’s Infection Control E-Books

In summer 2017, Hu-Friedy embarked on an ambitious mission: to simplify infection control and to present the topic in a comprehensive, informative, and engaging medium. Hu-Friedy’s infection control e-books have proven to be a popular way for clinicians to learn about the fast-changing world of infection control, as well as to gain insight into how the most efficient practices handle instrument reprocessing. The first book in the series discusses the pivotal role of an infection control coordinator, while the second discusses the regulations of instrument reprocessing and the best and most efficient practices from transportation through sterilization. The most recent e-book in the series, The Journey to Better, looks at the biggest challenges facing a practice and identifies solutions, providing guidance on efficiency, time management, and staffing. Visitors to Hu-Friedy’s booth will be able to discuss what they’ve learned in the e-book series as well as ask any follow-up questions they may have.


The NEW Friends of Hu-Friedy Community

Dental hygiene professionals will want to make a beeline for the Hu-Friedy booth to discover the all-new Friends of Hu-Friedy online community. The new site features community user groups, discussions, crowd-sourced answers, new user levels and badges, and more ways than ever to earn Hu-Points. The site is not only a hygienist’s go-to for skills development, news, and community support, it’s also just plain fun! To bring some of the fun to CMW, Friends of Hu-Friedy representatives will be on-site with their prize vending machine, and will also be available to answer questions about the community.


Hu-Friedy’s New Titanium Implant Scalers

Have you seen Hu-Friedy’s new, award-winning Hu-Friedy Titanium Implant Scalers? Just released this summer, they are an ideal complement to our growing line of implant maintenance instruments. The working ends are made from the same grade of titanium as implant abutments, making them a safer alternative than stainless steel instruments the removal of tenacious calculus. They feature our signature teal blue anodized coating, as well, providing a welcome contrast to the implant surfaces as well as the other instruments in your armamentarium. Be sure to stop by our booth to see the many advantages for yourself, and learn why they were award Dr. Bicuspid’s Dental Excellence Award!


Facebook LIVE Event With Darby Dental

Of course, Hu-Friedy realizes that not every dental professional can make it to Chicago for CMW. But just because they can’t visit the booth in person doesn’t mean they have to miss out! On Thursday, February 22 at 11 am CST, Hu-Friedy and Darby Dental will partner for a Facebook Live event. In this livestream, we’ll lay out the truth (and bust the myths) about rubber dam clamps. This event will highlight exactly how they work, why they’re important, and a few facts that may surprise. Additionally, we’ll discuss why Hu-Friedy’s Black Line rubber dam clamps may be a better option when compared with standard stainless steel clamps.

February sometimes feels like the longest month of the year, but the three days at CMW will fly by! Hu-Friedy is excited to meet up with dentists, hygienists, and other dental professionals for a meeting jam-packed with networking, education, and news. Most of all, though, we’re excited to see YOU at the Hu-Friedy booth. See you there!

If you want to learn more about Hu-Friedy and their state-of-the-art products that help dental clinicians work more easily, efficiently, and with less stress for practitioner and patient, visit our Products page.