Ultrasonic Inserts

Ultrasonic Inserts



When first created, ultrasonic insert tips were large, bulky and primarily suited for supragingival debridement. Hu-Friedy innovation in tip design has resulted in a variety of tip shapes and sizes that allow better access and more efficient deposit removal and biofilm disruption. Today, clinicians can choose from a wide range of tip designs from robust to extra thin, and a variety of shank styles all created to allow for better power scaling clinical outcomes.



You likely perform power scaling on most, if not all, of your patients. A daily schedule of 8 adult patients with 15 minutes of power scaling per patient means having an ultrasonic insert nestled in your hand for at least 2 hours per day. With the amount of power scaling performed, Hu-Friedy appreciates that you have specific ergonomic and style preferences when it comes to handle type. Whether you prefer Swivel, Streamline or the Original Prophy inserts, Hu-Friedy has a variety of distinctive handle options that can provide ergonomic comfort to enhance your clinical efficiency.

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Explore Ultrasonic Insights -- a regular feature providing information and insight on topics related to magnetostrictive power scaling. Articles on a variety of topics including “Cleaning, Care and Sterilization Guidelines” and “Extend Your Reach with Thin Inserts” will provide you with information to help you maintain, optimize and increase the longevity of your ultrasonic inserts.

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